A loose collaboration of groups searching for lensed SNe with targeted surveys of known strong-lensing systems (galaxies and clusters).  Centered around HST proposals, but doing other stuff too. 

Current events...

A second supernova ("Encore") was discovered in the same galaxy hosting a previous multiply-imaged supernova, "Requiem". We have received JWST time to follow Encore, which will enable a measurement of the Hubble constant. Encore and Requiem are both Type Ia supernovae.

We collaborated with the PEARLS program to analyze the Type Ia Supernova "H0pe" at z=1.78. H0pe is triply-imaged and was observed with JWST in three epochs (PI: Frye). This will be the first measurement of the Hubble constant with a lensed Type Ia supernova.

The discovery paper (Frye, Pascale, Pierel et al.) can be found here.

The LensWatch paper detailing the photometric time delay has been submitted.

Past events...

Our program monitored the z=1.5 SN 2022riv with HST, which is also multiply-imaged! 

We collaborated with a JWST DDT program (PI: Kelly) to obtain complementary observations. The analysis is ongoing.