Current Observing Programs

Current Searches

Ongoing observing programs with repeat imaging of known strong lensing systems, designed to find lensed transients.

LT Lens Monitoring

  • 2-meter Liverpool Telescope program, led by Ismael Perez-Fournon (~80 hrs, on SLACS+BELLS targets)

LCOGT lenslowz

  • 1-meter LCOGT program, led by Sukanya Chakrabarti (~200 hrs, on mostly z<1 SLACS+SWELLS targets)

  • 2019 December: renewed for another semester into 2020: 200 hours on the LCO 1 m and 5 hours on 2 m

LCO Observations + TOM Toolkit Development

  • Co-PIs: Raoul Cañameras and Sherry Suyu (MPA-Garching)

  • We propose ToO photometric and spectroscopic observations of strongly lensed supernovae (SNe) that are necessary to achieve two goals: (1) obtain unprecedented early-phase spectra of SN within days of explosion to shed light on SN progenitors, and (2) measure the cosmic expansion rate (H0), addressing current H0 tensions and paving the way for future lensed SN cosmology. We will use and develop TOM systems to efficiently carry out these follow-up observations. This is a high-gain pilot program that will demonstrate the capabilities of the TOM toolkit for the emerging science case of lensed SNe, especially in the upcoming LSST era.

  • more on the TOM Toolkit

VST Lensed Quasar High-cadence Survey

  • PI: Frederic Courbin

  • Renewed for a new campaign beginning in October 2020 with 2000 hrs VLT Survey Telescope (VST) time to monitor 6 to 8 quasar lenses over 2 years. In total these fields cover 12 square degrees and go reasonably deep, with 30 min on-target, done every day.